The goal of the Foundation is to promote the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the following domains:

  • Culture
  • Exchange of students
  • Science and Research

The Foundation has a capital of approximately Euro 1,900,000. The policy of the Foundation is to use the returns on the capital for sponsoring activities in the above 3 areas. Based on an average annual return of 3-4%, an amount of approximately Euro 50,000 is each year available for sponsoring.
For the Culture domain an amount of Euro 25-30,000 is available, for Scholarships Euro 15-20,000 and for Science & research Euro 10,000. The board is not strictly bound by these guidelines.

The Foundation wants to see that the projects, it is requested to sponsor, will contribute towards attaining its ultimate goal of fostering the relationship between the two countries.
The projects should preferably have third party contribution(s). The amount and quality of third party contribution(s) will be regarded as an important indicator for the level of external support of the application.

They should have respectable stakeholders, who are supporting the initiatives and these initiatives should be well embedded in the (local) society.
To this end, it will be beneficial if reputable Dutch and/or Indonesian institutions will provide a platform for the relevant project, or if they will act as initiator themselves.

As regards the Scholarships facility, it is meant for the exchange of  Indonesian or Dutch university students, for a limited period of time (max one year). The exchange programme should be hosted and supported by the other University. A specialized institution providing highly qualified education may also qualify as hosting institution.
The study subject of the exchange student should not only benefit him/her, but  should have a wider beneficial impact on fostering the bilateral relationship. 

The Board aims at supporting between 5 and 7 projects per year. The sponsorship will be in a range of Euro 3,000 to 15,000 per project.

Criteria and conditions for sponsoring are listed hereinafter.
Any applicant shall submit a duly filled in Application Form, see hereinafter.

The Board will take a decision on an application, within 3 months after the application has become final. The decision by the Board is final and cannot be appealed.

In the recent past the following donations were made towards:

  • Co-finance the filmproduction of “They call me Baboe”
  • Atlas of Mutual Heritage by Tristan Mostert under the wings of i.a. RijksmuseumAmsterdam
  • Various translations i.a. 2 books by Obbe Norbruis about the architects firm Hulswit-Fermont-Cuypers, the most productive and prominent builders in the Dutch East Indies during the first half of the 20th century
  • Biography of van Heutsz by Vilan van de Loo
  • Exposition in the Rotterdam Fotomuseum about the Javan Mynah called the Migrant by Anaïs López
  • Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (K.I.T.) towards their
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Amongst others

Applications for a financial grant must be presented in writing to the Secretary of the Foundation along the lines indicated on the page “ Criteria and Conditions “.

They may be presented in the English or Dutch language.