Application form

Criteria and conditions for grants by the Marinus Plantema Foundation.

Although the granting of subsidies and donations remains at all times at the discretion of the Board of the foundation, the following basic criteria and conditions apply:


  1. Applicants must be of the Dutch or Indonesian nationality.
  2. Applicants should in principle not be older than 70 years.
  3. The Applicant shall submit a duly filled in Application Form, demonstrating that the project will meet the objectives of the Foundation. As requested by the board, the Applicant will provide further satisfactory information.
  4. Each project, study or other activity, for which a grant is requested, should be clearly described. The objectives need to be substantiated in detail. Running costs for projects will not be subsidised. The Applicant should him or herself contribute at least 10 % of the requested amount, and should preferably have third party contribution(s). The amount and quality of third party contribution(s) wil be regarded as an important indicator. The Marinus Plantema Foundation must be advised in writing of any subsidies/grants received from other organisations.
  5. Each application must be accompanied by a CV of the Applicant, containing schooling, publications, seminars and contributions to congresses (if any).


  • A. In using the grant the Applicant should promote the Foundation and its aims as much as possible.
  • B. The Applicant should advise the Foundation regularly of the progress of the project, study or other activity, for which a subsidy has been granted.
  • C. The Applicant must be prepared – if and when so requested – to make a contribution to the Foundation’s annual “Newsletter” and/or website.
  • D. The Applicant has no objection to publication of relevant data of the grant on the Foundation’s website.
  • E. The Board may set, in each individual grant letter, further conditions as it deems fit.

Application Form for Financial Support

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