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Heritage in Transition


Behind the ancient city wall in the Sunda Kelapa district in Jakarta, I see two children climbing through a window of a dilapidated Dutch East India Company warehouse. Looking through the window, I see them sitting on the sturdy beams that once formed part of the roof. Everything in and around the warehouse is under water. I ask whether I can come and sit with them. They nod. I scramble through the empty window frame and find a place on the beam to sit. I spend the next hour taking my first pictures. "

Source: photobook Heritage in Transition, ISBN 978-90-825998-0-0

In 2014 I started my photography project Heritage in Transition, which tells about the new focus on the colonial heritage in the old city centers of Jakarta (Kota Tua) and Semarang (Kota Lama). The project gives a face to the restoration and redevelopment of the cities and the people who experienced the changes up close. The result is two exhibitions (in Kota Tua and Kota Lama) and a photobook.

My goal was to:

  • increase the visibility of current uses of colonial buildings;
  • show how Indonesia is developing in relation to shared heritage;
  • generate awareness for the improvement of living conditions of inhabitants;
  • document what remains of colonial buildings and structures.

Isabelle Boon is a documentary photographer who has lived in Rotterdam since 2008. A recurrent theme of her work is how people live, work, and form attachments. For her, direct and genuine contact is very important. She aims to unveil the positive power and uniqueness of every individual.