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Marinus Plantema Foundation

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Testimony - by Simon Kemper
Testimony - by Bagus Gede Krishna
Testimony - by Brigitta Isabella
Testimony - by Astuti Pitarini
Testimony - by Mira Asriningtyas

For further information please contact
Robert J.Quarles van Ufford,
the Secretary of the Foundation:

Jan van Gilselaan 4
2102 CX Heemstede
The Netherlands

E info@marinusplantemafoundation.nl





The Marinus Plantema Foundation has the ANBI-status, the fiscal number is: 8167.68.717 in the name of Stichting Marinus Plantema

Income over 2018:   
Repayment of part of a grant:  € 4.476
Results on investment - € 64.904

Operational charges

€  1.029
Grants €  51.007

Grants were made towards:

Simon Kemper – On Bamboo, Bricks, Tiles and Thatches   13,932 *
Stichting Raras Budaya – Shadows of Java   10,000
Isabelle Boon – I love Banda   5,000
Bagus Krishna – Study Percussions Codarts   4,800
P. van Huystee Film & TV Producties – They call me Baboe   5,000 *
Brigitta Isabelle – Decolonization – Middelburg Summer School   3,000
Stichting Raras Budaya – International Gamelan Festival te Solo   4,000
Bintang Maria – Study Percussion, Codarts   3,455
Simon Kemper – Additional for Bamboo, Bricks, Tiles and Thatches   1,820 *

Projects with an * run into 2019; for a total of € 35.940 projects financially run into 2019.

During 2018 the board approved 12 applications.

Board members did not receive any compensation or restitution for costs encountered.