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Marinus Plantema Foundation

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About Marinus Plantema Foundation
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Heritage in Transition
Research Study on Raden Ajeng Kartini
VOC National Archives


Testimony - by Astuti Pitarini
Testimony - by Mira Asriningtyas

For further information please contact
Robert J.Quarles van Ufford,
the Secretary of the Foundation:

Jan van Gilselaan 4
2102 CX Heemstede
The Netherlands

E info@marinusplantemafoundation.nl





The Marinus Plantema Foundation has the ANBI-status, the fiscal number is: 8167.68.717 in the name of Stichting Marinus Plantema

Income over 2016:   
Donations    € 260.129
Results on investment € 106.458
Operational charges € 2.956
Grants € 18.000

The donation was made by Mrs. Plantema, the widow of Marinus Plantema, as a result of the further liquidation of her estate.

Grants were made towards Lukita Astri Susanto (€ 3.000) for her thesis on “Kartini”, Isabelle Boon (€ 8.000) for her project “Heritage in Transition”, Mira Asriningtyas (€ 7.000) for her participation at “de Appel” and Ds. Boersema (€ 1.000), who wrote articles about the (Dutch) Reformed citizens in Jakarta and the use of rats to diagnose TBC.

In 2016 the Board met with various people to discuss their projects. We expect that a number of the projects will come to fruition in the not too distant future. Recently we were approached ao by the KIT Scholarship Fund who asked us to co-finance together with StuNed on a regular basis one or two doctors from Indonesia. Also a new student arrived in Leiden, whom we are able to assist. Projects like a biography about dancer Indra Kamadjoyo and the preparation of a “Toolkit” developed by the National Archive and to be used in Indonesia have been approved.

For the year 2017 we therefore expect to achieve our goal to approve projects for the amount of approximately € 50.000,-

Board members did not receive any compensation or restitution for costs encountered.