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Testimony - by Simon Kemper
Testimony - by Bagus Gede Krishna
Testimony - by Brigitta Isabella
Testimony - by Astuti Pitarini
Testimony - by Mira Asriningtyas

For further information please contact
Robert J.Quarles van Ufford,
the Secretary of the Foundation:

Jan van Gilselaan 4
2102 CX Heemstede
The Netherlands

E info@marinusplantemafoundation.nl





The Marinus Plantema Foundation has the ANBI-status, the fiscal number is: 8167.68.717 in the name of Stichting Marinus Plantema

Income over 2017:   
Donations    - -
Results on investment € 106.232
Operational charges € 810
Grants € 45.965

Grants were made towards: National Archives re VOC exhibition (€ 10.000), Pia Praptidita for her study on inscriptions on colonial buildings (€ 4.000), Dr. C.J. Heij for the study on the Moluccan Megapode (Eulipoa wallacei) (€ 1.500), Astuti Pitarini to follow an orthopedic internship at Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen ( € 3.000), Lizzy van Leeuwen for her biography on Indra Kamadjoyo ( € 5.500), K.I.T. for their scholarship fund (10.000) , Isabella Boon for her documentary on the Future Banda Islands (€ 3.000), Bagus Krishna to study Percussions at Codarts in Rotterdam ( €2.400), Stichting Kon. Rotterdamsche Lloyd Museum for the permanent exhibition in Medan ( € 3.000) and the National Archives re a Toolkit for the stock-taking of the VOC archives (€ 3.565).

Two projects ( Banda Islands and Codarts) financially run into 2018 for a total amount of € 9.800.

During 2018 the foundation received an increasing number of applications of which we approved three in the meantime and three are under further investigation, partly because the party needs more sources of funding.

Board members did not receive any compensation or restitution for costs encountered